About me

Sara Urwicz Abramovicius
Joyas de autor

“Without an audience , without the presence of spectators , these jewels will not achieve the purpose they were created for. The viewer , then, is the final artist . Their eyes , heart, mind , with a greater or a lesser ability to understand the creator’s intent, brings the jewels to life.” Salvador Dalí

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay.
I’ve been living in Barcelona since 1982, where I studied architecture at the Ecola Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona.
In 2005 I took a Berber jewelry course at Escola Massana
From 2005 to 2008 I studied at the School of Contemporary Jewelry at Jaime Diaz’ Workshop.
From 2008 to today, I’ve been combining my work as an architect with creating my own jewelry pieces.
In my workshop I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and materials , my collections and unique pieces are born from that translation of ideas.

My goal is for my pieces to show that inspiration is everywhere, the idea that we belong to one place and many different places at the same time as long as you’re open to other cultures, if you know where to look.
My job allows me to combine artistic creation and the joy of creating with my own hands.

“The hand opens and closes, flashes or pulses like a wing … The hand has, through that double movement, the rhythm of the heart”